Authorized Economic Operator

Multilines is one of the very few freight forwarders and customs agents/brokers in Uganda whose Quality Management Systems were audited and approved for accreditation as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). This means that we are much more trusted by the Revenue Authority which benefits our clients in:

  • Priority/speedy clearance of our clients’ shipments,
  • None or less than the 100% customs inspection/verifications.
  • Speedy consideration of tax exemption application etc.
  • Pre-arrival clearance of cargo
  • Choice of place of physical examination in case there is need for customs and/or UNBS to perform physical examination of cargo
  • Withholding Tax exemption status

ISO Certified

We are an ISO Certified Company ISO 9001: 2008 for Quality Management Systems. We are audited on these standards regularly to ensure that we adhere to world class operations and management standards.


Value Added Logistics Services

With our experience and expertise, we understand the VAT deferment and discharge processes.

Knowledge of Single Customs Territory

With the introduction of a Single Customs Territory (SCT) for the East African Region, customs clearance has been made simpler and faster. As Multilines we leverage this development on behalf of our clients to cut on time and hassle in customs clearance.

Security of your Freight

Multilines International endeavors to utilize appropriate Human Resource, Assets, Technology, Systems and Processes to ensure Secure delivery of freight. The Shipping business is our business of expertise.

Customer Service

We believe a professional service comprises two dimensions among others: what the client needs, and how best to deliver it.  We offer a complete range of international freight management and logistics services to take care of the service, speed, information and economic considerations.   One can ably rely on Multilines’ network for physical cargo care, accuracy, timely documentation, and administrative procedures and ready access to important management information such as:-

  • Professional Relationship
  • On Time Performance
  • Global Coverage
  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Reliability
  • Technical Expertise

Cost Control

Using careful assessment of the entire supply chain, we highlight areas of wastage and missed opportunities that add unnecessary cost to your business. Multilines provides value for money by working to identify, measure and manage all major areas of direct and indirect costs. Where necessary we conduct a forensic audit to ensure that international freight management profile and procedures are cost effective.

Direct cost savings

Generated from;

  • greater efficiencies in packing, consolidating, shipping and distributing.
  • savings to be made through the application of specialist tariff expertise in the areas of freighting and customs H.S. Codes classification.
  • Firm negotiations with Carriers and other third parties ensure that the best value-for-money rates available on the market are passed on to our Customer.

Indirect cost savings

Are achieved through;

  • Reducing management time currently wasted in routine shipping matters and in fixing mistakes among other avenues.

Health and Safety

At Multilines we recognize, respect and adhere to Health, Safety and Environmental policies because they directly relate to our operations. We believe that safety comes first and it begins with each and every member of our team and clientele. We conform to stringent health and safety regulations and Policies.

We have experience in UN Packing specifications and forwarding of HAZ and DG of all types inter alia; Radio Active Isotopes, Radio Active Materials, Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Materials, Chemicals and Explosives to mention but a few.

Quality,Health, Safety & Environment Policy Statement