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Covid 19 Statement

While all of our offices across the region remain open at this time, we are taking precautions recommended by both the Ministry Of Health, World Health Organization and the CDC. We’re performing extra rounds of sanitizing employees and customers alike and requiring employees with even minor symptoms to stay home.

  • Until now, we have experienced only minor interruptions. However, we are very much aware that supply chains might be impacted by local and regional issues as the coronavirus continues to spread globally.
  • First and foremost, our focus is on keeping everyone safe and we have taken prompt action all over the world to get the needed health and safety precautions in place to help ensure the well-being of all our colleagues. This is key to ensure we continue to operate and serve our customers.
  • We are following the different requirements by local authorities, and our contingency plans have been quickly put in place to minimize potential impact in our supply chain and delivery to customers.
  • We know the coronavirus situation is developing day by day and its status and impact is very different from one country to another. Therefore, Multilines is keeping in very close contact to our suppliers and logistics providers, and in all areas where possible, we are taking proactive steps to stay ahead of potential supply shortages.
Covid 19
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Our Guarantee

Multilines International has the capability and experience to pick any cargo from any part of the world and move it anywhere in the world.

Our Promise

Our utmost aim is to “Guarantee Value” in terms of time and money savings for our clients. To guarantee these, we have had to establish and maintain excellent relationships with all the best partners in the logistical arena; Customs/Revenue Collection Authorities, Ports Authority, Civil Aviation Authorities, Airlines, shipping Lines, Transporters, Inland Container Depots, Banks and International Suppliers/Procurement Companies.

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