Oil sector leaders are geared up to deliver new developments regarding oil and gas sector for Uganda, on Wednesday 25th April, 2018.

The convention is a joint effort of the Uganda Chamber of Mines & Petroleum (UCMP) and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development through the Directorate of Petroleum.

Among the issues to discuss will be; oil and gas logistics, and standards; the role of young professionals in the sector; finance and risk management; corporate social responsibility and environmental related issues and local content. The other issues relate with the ongoing development projects in the upstream including oil refinery, oil pipeline, airport, roads and more.

The Multilines International Group Managing Director is an Advisor to the Uganda Chamber of Mines & Petroleum (UCMP and has vast experience in the area of Oil and Gas.

Visit the MULTILINES INTERNATIONAL stand at the Oil and Gas Convention for more Information on Multilines’ Oil and Gas Logistics.